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Campaigner who wants the world’s workplaces to be more compassionate to mental ill health
By Geoff McDonald – August 2019
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Why is positive mental health not a priority within organisations?
By Geoff McDonald – July 2019
Published by the Irish Institute of Training and Development on their blog, and included in their regular eZine sent to our members and subscribers.

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Healthy Employees – A Strategic Imperative, Why Not?
By Geoff McDonald – May 2019
Published in Mad World News, a fortnightly newsletter sent by email to 20,000 employers. It takes a fresh look at the future of work and business through the lens of mental health and wellbeing.

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Wellbeing – A Competitive Advantage in a Very Anxious World
By Geoff McDonald
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Mental Health – Everyone’s Business – A Competitive Advantage
By Geoff McDonald
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Thriving At Work
The Stevenson / Farmer Review of Mental Health and Employers – Executive Summary
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Emotional Health at Work – Why it matters and how you can support it
A Report by Family Links – The Centre For Emotional Health, with the support of IPPR
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The Human Era @ Work – 2014
Findings from the Energy Project and Harvard Business Review
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Health: Our Business – Volume 3 – Case studies from the corporate world, putting mental health and wellbeing into action
A report from Global CMO Network / BUPA, with concluding recommendations for successfully planning and implementing a mental health programme by guest editor Geoff McDonald.
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The mental health charity working to ensure everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.

The Samaritans
Working to make sure fewer people die by suicide.

Byrne Dean
A leading provider of workplace training and HR / ER support services, helping to create a kinder, fairer and more productive workplaces.


Learn with Leena Nair – Companies can do more for mental health
Geoff McDonald talks to Leena Nair, Unilever Chief HR Officer, about how companies could and should be doing more to protect the mental wellbeing of their people. (27 minutes)

Some simple advice on what we can all do to address stigma in our workplaces

Geoff at the Irish Institute of Training and Development 2019 (1 minute watch)

3 things that every person can do

Joyce Ohaja asked Geoff McDonald, the co-founder of Minds@Work, to name three things that every person can do to reduce stigma and improve mental health in their own workplace (2 minute watch).

Motivating The Many at Unilever

Geoff describes how the company succeeds in engaging workers by providing an inspirational business purpose, a decision making framework and focusing on employee well-being (50 minute watch).

Recorded at Spark The Change – December 4th 2014 –

A new approach to doing business

Geoff McDonald from Unilever at the BSR Conference 2012 (4 minute watch)

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