Geoff McDonald - Keynote Speaker, Business Transformation Advisor & Mental Health Campaigner

On May May 17th, Geoff spoke on this webcast from the Human Capital Centre, Europe, presented by The Conference Board.

The background to the event stated that there is abundant evidence indicating that the well-being of employees plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging talent, as well as enhancing performance and productivity. However, in order to unlock these benefits, the commitment to employee well-being must extend beyond mere programs and benefits.

This webcast, featuring the knowledge and personal experiences of two high-level business executives, explores how a well-being strategy can become a powerful and transformative force. This occurs when a clear vision and strategy for well-being are integrated into the purpose and overall strategy of the business, and when employees, managers, and leaders alike possess a genuine and deep-seated dedication to collaboratively building an organisational culture that enables each individual to bring their utmost energy and talent to their work.

By participating in this webcast, you will be able to:

  • Recognise the strategic significance of employee well-being.
  • Explore how companies define and implement a comprehensive well-being strategy.
  • Present the business rationale for prioritising well-being programs or benefits across the entire organisation.
  • Contemplate practical steps to generate momentum, drive cultural change, and foster transformation throughout the organisation.
  • Acquire insights into how the C-suite team can integrate well-being into the business purpose and strategy.

The link to the webcast is here (you will need to register to watch this ‘on demand’ webcast).